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A Fundshifting Project in
West Seattle

School Funding
& PTA Fundraising


Join us via Zoom for a presentation and discussion with Vivian van Gelder on how school funding works, how that relates to the PTA fundraising landscape, why that is inequitable, and what efforts are being made to address it. This event is for PTA members in West Seattle & South Park and anyone interested in learning more about how our public school funding works.

December 8th 7:00 - 8:15pm

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Who We Are

Our Mission is to create an equitable resource of PTA funding for our West Seattle public grade schools (including K-8).

"In a highly segregated city such as Seattle, the income from PTA fundraising varies widely, leading to very different opportunities and access for our students. Grassroots efforts like the West Seattle Public School Equity Fund is a great example of how to build community between PTAs, have the hard conversations with our families about the income inequalities, and systemic racism that contribute to the vast differences in PTA fundraising abilities. Groups such as the West Seattle Public School Equity Fund highlight the ways collaboration and mutual support strengthen all of our schools and the opportunities for all of our students. This Fund is an opportunity for West Seattle to refocus on the PTA's original mission and history of building community through child advocacy: giving voice to vulnerable children, engaging families, and advocating for policy changes in public education."


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