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Our Team

Dedicated To The Cause

In the Spring of 2021, Andrea Dimond reached out to Kristen Corning Bedford and Shannon Woodard with an idea to redistribute PTA funding in West Seattle to address the inequitable distribution of resources, based on the historical patterns of redlining in our neighborhood.  Fundshifting was a way to pool PTA funds and distribute them more equitably across the 13 West Seattle public elementary and K8 schools, and Kristen and Shannon enthusiastically offered their partnership in getting this funding mechanism off the ground. They began presenting the idea of pooling funds to all the West Seattle public elementary school PTAs, and by the Spring of 2022 they were ready to disburse their first round of funds. 

Andrea, Kristen and Shannon all have children enrolled in West Seattle public schools, and they strongly believe in creating solutions that address systemic racism, establish deep community partnerships, and remove barriers that create inequitable educational opportunities. Between them, they have decades of experience working in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector and together bring the talents of design, writing, finances, leadership and community engagement. They also enjoy each other's company and have found that working together on something that matters has created a deep friendship between them.

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WSPSEF board (Kristen Corning Bedford, Andrea Dimond, and Shannon Woodard) pictured at Uptown Espresso.

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