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Who We Are

Here at the West Seattle Public School Equity Fund, we challenge the narrative of financing our individual school deficits with PTA funding and encourage greater advocacy and legislative action so that all students have equitable access to resources.

Who We Are: About Us

We also recognize several truths:

  • Advocacy work to address educational inequities takes time.

  • Systemic racism plays a significant role in creating and maintaining these inequities.

  • Finding the right leverage point can impact an entire system.

West Seattle Public School Equity Fund addresses these truths with a simple, but profound, action: shifting a portion of our individual schools’ budgets to be distributed as a community resource through a pooled fund. Through this action we acknowledge the historical racism that created this problem, as well as our shared community responsibility in changing it.


To create an equitable resource of PTA funding for our West Seattle public gradeschools (including K-8).


Creating a future where all West Seattle public school students can succeed by shifting our funding priorities as individuals and as PTAs.


Authenticity  |  Transparency  |  Community Action  |  Thoughtful Engagement

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